Satisfyer - Offering Satisfaction Guaranteed for Women

Ever heard of suction toys? Within the last few years, Satisfyer made a big wave to the sex toy scene as it introduces its products. This brand takes pride in the aesthetic and functionality of its sex toys and satisfied millions of women around the world.

Women need a good vibrator for internal or external stimulation. It’s worth noting that 7 out of 10 women need clitoral stimulation for orgasm. meaning for these people, it might be worth investing in a premium pleasure toy from the Satisfyer range.

Their Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is an updated version of the previous Pro 2 model, and, like its predecessor, there are not any fancy embellishments or unnecessary accessories. It’s just a sleek, minimal toy that’s comprised entirely of a handle topped with a touch silicone nozzle. To stay things even more simple, this toy only comes in one colour — a kind of champagne-bronze that’s refreshingly gender-neutral. 

In terms of design, this Next Generation version includes another button to scale back the intensity. Satisfyer packaging is simple and clean – a cardboard box with a facsimile of the merchandise on the front, with the toy itself, nestled during a plastic tray inside. All you get is that the toy, a magnetic USB charging cable, and therefore the manual. 

This another flagship made waves, and here’s why. The Satisfyer range works on air pulses to make a kind of fluttering feeling that mimics suction quite actually creating it, including some vibrations. The background sound may be a bit dramatic though – on the lower levels there is a very soft hum. Tip: Just turn on the music and who knows, it might set you in the mood even more.

If you think that you can’t get any satisfaction, re-evaluate. You’ll be surprised that its refined rose-gold curves and skin-friendly silicone head can pack a punch. allow us to count the ways⁠— 110 possibilities, to be exact! A good vibrator, indeed!

Take your sweet time, darling, especially once you take a shower. This device is 100% submersible, so it can stay bubbly with you within the tub without getting damaged. Plus, it’s whisper-quiet to assist keep your little secret!

Need juice for an additional round? No worries. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is integrated with lithium batteries, and you’ll only need to connect it with its USB magnetic charger to urge some.

Don’t forget to lube it up. Lubricants are optional for vaginal stimulation, but using it might definitely reduce friction and bring a smoother, more sensual experience overall.

Satisfyer Pro vibrator delivers some really long-lasting, extended orgasms that feel very different from the sensations created via vibration. If you’re looking to try something new, their Pro 2 and Next-Generation are really the bomb in their sex toys lineup. This is an investment and a great addition to your collection.

Do you get turned on smelling your partner’s cologne, or when he caressed your skin? Are you sexually aroused looking at hunk bodies and watching them striptease? Don’t worry, no judgments here. In fact, being horny is a natural thing. It’s a normal feeling and could vary from one person to another. Everyone has sexual urges – your bestie, everyone in your girl club, the lady you met at the salon, your party planner, everyone you met in your life has it. The only difference is some have more urges than the others. Read on if you want to understand why you’re constantly being turned on and what you can do about it that is down-right pleasurable. Magicmenshop has something to say..

Feeling Horny Before The Period

Few studies found out that there is a rise in sexual urges during ovulation time – around 2 weeks before you start your period. This theory makes total sense because you, woman have hormones that increase during this time. It is the time of high fertility. There’s a sudden rise in your libido thanks to your estrogen and testosterone levels – and this is why you want to ave more sex. On top of this, pre-period discharge also increases sensitivity in your genital area. With more lubrication, that “wet feeling” makes you feel more sensitive and ready to get it on. Take advantage of this moment and be creative in fulfilling your need by trying on new waterproof toys in the shower before you get your period on.

Horny of New Love

During the honeymoon stage of every couple, feel-good hormones spike up causing body urges as often than long-term partners do. Your sex drive with your partner tends to match up because aside from feeling in love, you are also feeling the lust. Passionate clothes-ripping sex happens at this stage thanks to the honeymoon phase. But as you know, this period eventually wanes, and the time varies per couple. As long as your partner enjoys frequent sex, then go ahead make love all the time. But when you realize that you want sex more than your partner, it helps to get adult toys in the bed to lessen the pressure when the other doesn’t feel like doing so.

Feeling Horny of New Love

Pregnancy Horn-mones

Yes, ladies, you feel extra horny too when you are pregnant. During the second trimester, when your body undergoes changes, you get increased sexual libido as well. Same reasons as when you are before your period, your vagina is more lubricated, and hormones and blood flow gushing through your pelvic region are the main culprits. Your breasts and nipples get more sensitive making sex more satisfying. Give in to your pleasure safely by using pregnant-recommended clitoral vibrators. Your pregnancy is not an excuse to get such beautiful orgasm you deserved with different amazing vibrators.

Booze and Meds

Some medications can actually affect your sexual drive as the side effects. Whether you’re taking meds for such purpose or it comes as a side effect, you can’t help it when the urge is strong. Same goes with a glass of red wine. Alcohol can also interfere with your libido and can make you feel more aroused. So, the next time you want to speed things up with your partner, toast and clink on a few glasses and let it loosen up your inhibitions.

Aphrodisiac: Your “Love” Foods

Aphrodisiac foods like oysters, chocolate, chilis, fruits, and pistachios can increase your arousal. It stimulates the body to feel really good, regulates the body’s hormones, and increase your organ’s lubrication. So, if you spend on munching these foods, don’t be surprised if you feel really stimulated and horny. And if you want to be creative in bed but doesn’t want to play with food, you can try chocolate-flavoured lube or fruit-flavoured ones for a non-greasy but delicious taste.

Aphrodisiac: Your “Love” Foods Can Make You Feel Horny

It’s not necessarily a bad thing to be horny or feels aroused. Your sexual drive should be healthy after all. If you have compulsive urges because of the reasons we mentioned, don’t fret because they are a natural reaction of the body. As long as getting your pleasure on doesn’t get in the way of your work or personal relationship, feel free to explore and satisfy those urges. Find creative outlets that are body-safe, and discreet. So, the next time you feel it, just take on that passion burning and let it go.

Everyone wants their hen party to be different, original, or nothing like anyone else’s. The best way to make sure that is the case is by coming up with a theme that tends to be difficult sometimes. Most hens parties are better hosted in night clubs, especially males stripper clubs. If you plan to have yours at male strip clubs Sydney, here are top theme ideas to give you a little bit of inspiration.

Movie Night 

If your girl enjoys stepping out for a movie, that may be the best chance to surprise her with a party. Take her to a private vintage movie screening and surprise her with an after-party. You may hire a live band, a DJ and prepare some good cocktails. Remember to choose the best movie theatre, her favourite if possible because that will make the occasion feel special. When the movie is over, take her to the venue and let her enjoy the surprise.

Cocktail Making Hen Party 

For those who prefer hen’s party themes that are easy and enjoyable for everyone, cocktail making classes is the one. It is the perfect idea for a hen’s party before your big day where your favourite people dance, drink, mingle and chat. There are plenty of restaurants and hotels ready to host and plan your very own cocktail making hen party

Scavenger Hunts 

One of the best adventurous and fun activities you can do at a hen’s party is the scavenger hunts. The aim of the activity is getting guests to know each other by pairing them in teams. These team members will have to work together to find items listed by the future bride during a girl’s night out. The team that will have the best and most impressive collection by the end of the night gets a prize. The decision made will be based on the bride’s observation, and satisfaction with the collections brought.

Hen’s Party Games Ideas

Spicing things up with a few games at your hen’s night is an excellent way to add fun to the party. Here are a few games you can play during a hen’s night;

Truth Or Dare 

Anyone who says this game is only for teenagers should not be invited to the party. The best thing about this game is that you can play it anywhere in different kinds of venues, what a classic. On top of that, it is full of fun and an amazing experience.

Never Have I Ever

It is one of the most iconic games ever capable of revealing some of the most scandalous secrets ever and hilarious stories too. Truth be told, that’s what we all want to hear and anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

Guess The Dress

The idea behind this game is that every guest brings a fancy dress item. They put the items in a bag without letting the bride see what they’ve brought. She will have no idea about what is happening, and later on, at night she’ll be surprised by a bag. Afterwards, she’ll be required to take them out one by one, put them on and guess who brought what. 

Strip Dance

To make the hen’s party more fun, hire male strippers to dance for the bride to be. The bride and other hens who wish to get lap dances can get their wish too. Most male strippers can come by any venue where the party is held, not just strip clubs. It is known as the perfect surprise for the bride before the wedding, almost like a tradition now.

So if you are planning a hen’s night in Sydney but still haven’t figured out where the venue will be, is the right place to be. We’ll make your hen’s night an unforgettable one and full of a fun experience.

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Trying to find new fun things to do in Sydney is not as easy as it once was. It is reported that Sydney is where the magic happens. There are lots to do including: visiting the best male strip clubs in Sydney, restaurants and classiest hotels. Not to forget parties can be in the basement, on the roof, by the pool and at the Vegas Lounge in Kings Cross. 

Visiting the Sydney Hotshots at Kings Cross is one of the top things to do in Kings Cross. In Sydney, the trick is knowing where to start a night with your pals. 

You can start by hitting the Vegas Hotel & Lounge at the heart of the Potts Point nightclub on Darlinghurst Street. It’s near the iconic Coca Cola sign. The Vegas Hotel & Lounge is one of the bedrocks of the Potts Point nightlife. Famous people from all over the world visit the Vegas Hotel & Lounge often, looking for a great night out.

The lounge is popularly known for its food, drinks, excellent service, convenience, and top-class facilities. It is also home to the Sydney Hotshots Saturday Night Ladies (SNL) night. The ultimate girl’s night out party, great for Hen’s Parties, end of year events and coming of age parties. They also cover celebrations with some of the hottest male strippers in Australia every Saturday.

The Best Male Strippers in Kings Cross

If you’re a lady and you’re with your group of friends, then you should try out attending a male strip show where you could view all those heart-stopping smiles and shining muscles. The male strip shows at Magic Men in Sydney will grab your attention and will have every participant’s adrenaline up. It is not entirely about their mouthwatering looks, but also their personality and dedication to helping your party have a great time. They also have the most seductive dance moves that would give Channing Tatum a run for his money. This is known as the magic of all these male strippers.

Also, you can have your photos taken with them if you want. The male strippers are there ready to perform and give you an intimate experience. Another impressive thing about the male strip shows is that they will let you indulge in the most creative show participation. You will be able to dance with them and have the best night of your life. It is well known in Sydney that male strip shows are perfect party ideas that will get most ladies pumped up and excited to attend.

If you’re ready to have a wild night, then you’re in luck. These hunky male strippers will ensure you have a good time with lots of champagne, laughs, and amazing food. It is their job to ensure you’re fully entertained and to get the night going with a big buzz.

When you mention a fantastic night of glamour, glitz and fun, then the male strip shows in Sydney are the best. They will surely leave you with only great memories and a desire to come back every weekend. Check out Magic Men if you want to experience more:


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Your best friend, sister or cousin has recently got engaged and everyone is really excited about the news. Now, you have been named the maid of honour or the person designated to organize the bachelorette party. Here are some interesting ideas that you can consider. Some are traditional and the other ones are more modern, such as visiting one of the most popular male strip clubs Sydney can offer. 

Lunch with a Twist

Ask all the girls to wear their best outfit and prepare a delicious lunch so everyone can enjoy a meal with the bride-to-be. You just need to add some delicious cocktails to the meal served by a handsome and muscular waiter. This will not only provide you with excellent service but all the girls will feast their eyes. They will even clean up the mess for you. If you think the girls can handle it, they can even serve you topless. It is a great idea to have someone attractive to serve food and drinks for all. 

Dinner with Drinks

This is a classic. Ordering delicious food to share with the future bride is great and making fabulous drinks will definitely lighten up the party. Add a topless waiter to the equation and you will have great results. You can pick a theme and hire a crew to prepare it for you in advance. A fun night with great food is a traditional option that will leave great memories for the bride and guests. 

Special Guests to Turn up the Heat

Hiring adult entertainment will definitely give a special night to the bride and guests. There are websites where you can choose a handsome stripper for the night. You can order more than one for the night if you are expecting lots of guests and you want them all to have fun. 

Visit a Club with the Bride and All the Girls

If you prefer to go out and have a great night with the girls, you can always visit a club and make a reservation for your group. Everyone will be able to have a fun night and enjoy some time with the future bride if that is your type of fun. 

It doesn’t matter where you celebrate it or who you invite. The idea is to make the bride have a great night before the big day. Remember that she has been stressed about all the planning for her wedding day and this might be a great option for her to eliminate some stress. If you plan ahead and make all the preparations on time, we are sure the bride and all your guests will enjoy the night. 

We hope that you got enough ideas to start planning this important event. If you would like to hire a topless waiter for your party, please visit We also offer you exclusive adult entertainment that the bride can choose or visit our male strip club to party all night long. Contact us for more information.