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  • DATE: every Saturday night
  • TIME: 6:00 PM – 9:30 PM
    • Ticket allows entry to the event
    • Standing ticket only.
    • A glass of champagne on arrival
    • Complimentary finger food


    • Ticket allows reserved Silver seating for the show
    • A glass of champagne on arrival
    • Complimentary finger food                                                                                               
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    • Ticket allows reserved Gold seating for the show
    • A glass of champagne
    • Complimentary finger food



    • Best seats in the house
    • A glass of champagne
    • Complimentary finger food.                                                                                                                                                    Buy Tickets


6:00pm⌛ Line up and check in
7:00pm🍸 Pre-drinks & mingling with topless waiters
7:15pm🕺 Show time!
15 min
💃 Interval 1 - dance break
8:00pm🕺 Part 2 Commences
15 min💃 Interval 2 - dance break
9:00pm🕺 Final Part
9:30pm🥳 Show ends & after party begins

Magic Men Male Strip Show-
Only The Best

Things get hot! They get heavy! Steamy to say the least with Sydney’s hottest strippers LIVE on stage at Sydney’s best male strip club.

Give a hard yes to a wild night out with the Queens every Saturday night and book your tickets to come and be a part of the magic!

Raise your expectations of male revue entertainment and get ready for a showcase of the most amazing physiques, professionally choreographed and exquisitely executed LIVE stage acts by our kings of male strip.

Hold on to your heels when you come out to play with us. Our show takes you on a wild, spicy ride!

Join in the excitement as Magic Men casts its spell onstage. You’ll love the show as much as you adore these stunning and talented guys. They will bring you performances way beyond your expectations.

There are so many words to describe our male strip club show in Sydney – wonderful, amazing, breathtaking, and fabulous! You cannot really put words into it!

Show the bride-to-be how much you love her and the girls that you are worthy of being in charge of the party planning by blowing them away with tickets to the hottest show in Sydney. When you tell the girls that you all have access to the sexiest male strip show in town featuring Magic Men, watch the excitement build now the tone has been set for a hard core night of raunchy entertainment.

The stage is rocking with this male strip show in Sydney featuring the Magic Men! Yes, expect the best strip dance with these gorgeous and appealing hunks whose talent for dancing and entertaining can never be equaled. Experience top entertainment only the best male strip show can give.

Undoubtedly, our male strip club is home to fine-looking hunks who will excite and delight your senses as they make their sultry moves and grooves. Their charm spells an evening of fun and laughter that is truly unforgettable.
For 2 hours, you can watch live performances from Magic Men. The show starts from 7:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. Don’t be late! It is best to arrive at the venue when the doors open at 6:00 pm so you can enjoy your drinks and finger foods.

Our male dancers are so hot they might as well be set on fire girls! And they will certainly heat you up as they turn fantasies into a night of reality with their dynamic, multifaceted live strip shows combined with audio and stage lighting that will have you pumped to party all night.

Magic Men just want to make you smile with a massively saucy night involving a bit of misconduct and there’s nothing wrong with that! A night in Sydney that gets a little hectic and a whole lot sexy! You will be drowning in excitement at the sight of our male strippers entirely saturated with muscle in places you didn’t think even existed. Come along to see if you can handle this!

The vibe at a Magic Men LIVE strip show has you wanting to tear the club’s roof down and the clothes off our amazing male strippers but don’t worry, you won’t have to as you get to delight in an incredible view of these legendary lads.

Gasps, hands over mouths, screaming, jaws dropped. You and the lady crew will be doing it all as the Magic Men give you their all!

Sydneys’ best male strippers are dripping with talent and come with backgrounds of being among the elite within the modelling, entertainment and fitness industry, coming together to produce shows that are full of dynamic power, strength, loads of sex appeal, acrobatic body rolling and moves that you’ve only dreamt about.

Our Magic Men are machines, driving a night of steamy entertainment that you won’t want to end. They will have you wishing that every man could only be as sexy, talented and devoted to making you smile as the Magic Men.


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I had a really great time at this show. It’s a classic show; and the guys are really good sports. Some of them are incredible dancers! I did get a lame 1 on 1 dance with a guy in a blue bandanna, if you go- don’t spend any money there! But all the other guys were SUPER FUN, SUPER SEXY, and really nice! I especially loved our servers. Thank you guys!
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The performers were dope and the service was awesome. We will surely go back!!
Mick Lawrie
Mick Lawrie
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Surprised the girl with some toys for a bit of fun, the response from her has been never ending MAGIC for me! Best decision.
Melissa McColgan
Melissa McColgan
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Guaranteed to not disappoint. Anything Magic Men related is sure to be hot, steamy and bring a smile to your face. Definitely recommend for your need .
Megan Rhodes
Megan Rhodes
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Would defo complete my saturday night away watching the gorgeous magicmen. Always a winner.❤😜🥵
Lacey Anne
Lacey Anne ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Highly recommended very professional and respectful great service and venue.
Alaine Grotto
Alaine Grotto⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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You need to book a Topless Waiter for your next party!!! I did for my Baby Shower 🤣 Definitely made it 1 to remember. Rhys looked after all the guests. Highly recommend. Hopefully a future career for my baby boy! Hope he is charming, professional and gorgeous like Rhys!
Melanie White
Melanie White⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Thankyou for arranging Tom for Mary’s hens night last Saturday. Tom was a natural behind the bar and always made sure everyone had drinks & food in hand. He was great with the games and worked amazingly well with our additional drag host. Such a fun guy! Highly recommended him for future Hens night. Thanks on making this a memorable night for our bride to be.
Celine Berjot
Celine Berjot⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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We had the most amazing night at Magic Men!! I organised for a friend's birthday and we got seated right in the front row despite getting cheaper tickets. We expected the dancers to invite our friend to the stage maybe once but they interacted with all the crowd and especially the birthday girls and brides to be continuously during the show. The show was a lot more raunchy and athletic that I anticipated, and the men were all super hot and each had their own theme to their act, e.g. cowboys or police officers. Even during the intermissions, the topless waiters and dancers would come sit or watch with us and play games so there was never a dull moment. Would 100% do again and I'm actually quite mad at myself for not doing this before. Thanks Magic Men for an amazing night!
Emzy NDylan
Emzy NDylan⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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I watched one of their e shows and honestly it was the best 90minutes of my life! the guys are great to look out but also genuinely nice guys to match! 10/10 recommend.
Olivia Fricot
Olivia Fricot⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Took my sister and her friends to a Magic Men show for her hen's night and we had an amazing time! Despite lots of COVID-19 restrictions, they managed to give us a night that was so much fun. Special thanks to Jason and Mia for being so accommodating with planning and ticket buying!


Whether you are looking for a unique party idea, planning a hens night in Sydney or simply because you Queens  work hard all week and now it’s time to play! Our entertainers are perfect to inject into every and any occasion that requires the ladies to be celebrating in style.

So come along! Let’s laugh, let’s get a little dirty and immerse yourself in a night that is so sweet and ever so satisfying. Tasty treats in the form of Magic Men male strippers and topless waiters for your indulgence await!

An empowering night of entertainment for the ladies. A captivating show that has you celebrating being beautiful, strong, empowered women who love to get wild and have a good time. Topped off with incredibly sexy topless waiters serving your drinks and finger food throughout the night and ensuring that the ladies in the club are letting loose in style. It’s only high times at Sydney’s best male strip club.

We’re the cure for a big week and the solution to every girls night when you’re wanting a unique and sensational party idea that will impress and deliver beyond expectation.

Be Our Guest

What is more delightful than celebrating a hens night or a birthday party in our strip club? Besides the best entertainment our hot hunks provide, your bride-to-be or the birthday girl can be part of the fun on stage! Imagine being in the spotlight with our sexy men giving you their undivided attention! Just book in advance and inform us that you are attending, it is as easy as that.

Let Us Serve You

Before the main event of the evening, our athletic topless waiters will be at your service. They will make sure that you are treated to a glass of champagne and finger foods. Savour the food and drink while exchanging a few banters with our stunning waiters!

After the Show

The after-party show promises more excitement! If you still feel super-charged after the breathtaking and excellent strip show by the Magic Men, you and your friends are welcome to continue the fun on the dance floor. Savour the laughter and enjoyment only the best male strip club can give.Get your tickets according to your preferences.

Prices range from $50 to $99. Choose from the packages – Platinum, Gold, Silver and General. All tickets include drinks and finger food. These packages were thoughtfully arranged for you to get the most value for your money because we think of your convenience and ultimate viewing satisfaction. Check them out and see what is best for you.

If you haven’t gone to our male strip show in Sydney yet, it’s about time! Don’t just be curious about it, go for it! And for you who have tried it, I bet you want to relive the memories again. Come and experience it once more… and more.

Take a look at our Hens Night, Birthday Party, Girls Night Out plus Limo and Party Bus Packages and get in touch to lock in your ideal option.

Each of our packages have been thoughtfully designed with your convenience and satisfaction in mind, giving you the most value for your money and providing you with the best night possible free of cares and stress with the girls.

With ticket prices ranging between $50-$99 you will be wondering why on earth you are not stepping foot into Sydney’s premium male strip club to be spoiled every weekend.

View the venue seating plan to be sure the girls get the best view in the house.

This is one night that will provide you with endless eye popping Magic Men moments and you’ll  want to be front and centre for every possible angle of these guys.

Simply select the package that you think will suit your soirée. Platinum tickets will secure your group the best seats and view available so get in quickly as these sell out fast!  But don’t worry if you miss out on these as the Gold, Silver and General tickets are going to give you access to one fabulous night out plus they all include drinks and finger food!

Arrive at 6pm to knock over the lineup and checkin. Then all that’s left to do is kick back as you enjoy meeting and mingling with your exquisite topless waiters pre-show who will be devoting their premium services to you throughout the night, before showtime explodes and the Magic Men you have been waiting to see hit the stage

  • Identification: It’s always the best idea to bring your proper ID out on the town in Sydney to ensure your age can be checked and that you have no inconveniences or risk missing out on an epic show due to forgetting your identification.
  • Tipping: You are free to tip our hunks so you may want to bring some cash along with you!
  • Dress Code: Come dressed glammed up to the heavens or as comfortable as you like but do familiarise yourself with the clubs dress code to save any unexpected inconveniences on the night.
  • Seating: Check your tickets for your seating location and be sure to stick to the seats allocated on your booked tickets. Again this will save you and anybody else coming to see the show any inconveniences and confusion it may cause by not seating at your designated area.
  • Be Respectful: Our male strippers are highly professional and skilled entertainers who commit an epic amount of time and money to their craft. They are there to make you feel empowered and adored. Please give them and everyone in the club courtesy and respect as everyone is there to have an amazing night of fun! Come in good spirits and ready to party in a club that has only good vibes!
  • Alcohol Intake: While our topless waiters are there to keep your champas topped up and the bubbly flowing, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your alcohol consumption. Some of the best planned events can be spoiled if an excess of alcohol is consumed. You don’t want to ruin the evening for yourself or anybody else that’s there to have a good time because of a few too many. You will want to be up on your feet dancing the night away and then kicking on to live it up at the after party!

We do recommend booking in advance and getting in touch if you have any questions or enquiries about the show or our packages.

We love to help you have the most memorable time at our shows possible.

Come and experience the feeling!


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