Revealed: Top 10 Male Strip Clubs Voted By You

For the adventurous women around the world, there is just simply an endless list of options of Melbourne male strip clubs you can visit every Friday night (or any night of the week for that matter) and relax your way to the weekend. We’ve compiled top 10 male strip clubs around the world for your convenience. Check this male revue list and plan your ladies’ night ASAP!

1. Magic Men Australia

Yes, number one of course! Not biased much hey? With Male strippers from Melbourne, you can have accessible entertainment that can spice up your night in just a few clicks away. They offer carefully selected men who are good-looking and have bodies that are chiselled to perfection. Their fine specimens will heat up your night and all your lady guests’ with their great energy and attitude. The ultimate Magic Men experience is showcased by these male strippers in Melbourne. These sexy, sweaty men, have the magic to tame your inner fox. Experts in the adult entertainment, their dance moves are well-choreographed, with sensual but rocking music that will surely unleash your animal spirit. They are gentlemen enough to check on you while they dance and striptease making sure you’re comfortable and having the good time of your life. What could go wrong on a night with a couple of shirtless gods well-trained, and professional enough to make the crowd go wild? We know there is. You won’t sleep well thinking about coming back to them. Because we do. Check these gorgeous Melbourne strippers in person for a night to remember.

2. Savage Men in New York

Hot-looking men with a promise of a not-so-average strip club. Their version of Magic Men is well-loved by New Yorkers and have been featured on America’s Got Talent. They offer pre-show activities to ease you in a seductive male entertainment show. Have a taste of their male revue show when you plan your night out in New York. Check their packages on this website for more details:

3. The Hollywood Men of California

Hollywood Men of Los Angeles California takes customers with a tastefully provocative, high-energy, and choreographed show featuring only the best exotic entertainers Their hunks can dance and strip to a room full of excited women of all ages and make their night unforgettable with their show that induces unexplained drives for the ladies. Have a look and be teased at

4. Club Kapriz in Russia

This male strip club in Russia serves to Russian femme fatale. Gentleman, bulging biceps, and charm that you can’t resist – are qualities of these Russian male dolls. Get ready to be mesmerized with their talents and good looks. They have a variety of men from sweet-looking ones to rough but jazz eye candies. Be guided with their services and packages here:

5. Peppermints in Niagara

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, hens party or just want to have a good time, it is a good enough reason to make a reservation at Niagara’s only male strip club, the Peppermints Niagara. Even with their tag line alone, “At Peppermint, the law is to show it all”, it already gets the women’s blood racing.
So girls and gays leave your workplace on time and plan your weekends ahead because you are going to experience one hell of a sexy night. Just make sure you are completely prepared for it because this is not for the faint of heart. Not that it is not going to satisfy you; on the contrary, you may be coming back for more! Tease yourself and check their hot guys here:

6. Canadian Playboyz

Canadian Playboyz will give you an unforgettable night to take your stress and worries away. Your journey starts from a fuss-free booking process they have. They take pride in their discreet and automated ordering process. They have experienced dancers that will surely entertain you and your friends for that great show you’re clamouring. Check out their upcoming shows on this website:

7. Sixxpaxx in Germany

If you’re planning a ladies night in Germany, don’t miss out this show by Sixxpaxx. They boast their tones bodies, killer dance moves with acrobatics perfect to live your wild dreams. They also do different events and celebrations. They do theatre shows in Berlin and Hamburg. Just in case you need help in car washing, they also do sexy car wash for when you need a “deep cleaning” on your hood. Book now at

8. Male Strippers in Italy

If your group wanted a private show in Italy, you can hire their famous male strippers with rich, sexy bodies. You can have your guy do striptease, play as sexy barista to prepare “cock”-tails, or be a man in the house doing sexy cooking. If sexy lapdance with the lady of the hour is not enough, you may opt for an extended time so the girls can mingle with your sexy man all through the night. Check their men and packages at

9. Thunder Down Under in Vegas

Your fabulous girls night is best paired with chiselled bodies and sexy dance routine from Thunder Down Under. They take pride in their interactive experience with the ladies. They do tours and satisfy women in Vegas with their rough-looking persona. Their varied packages include shows in a limo in Vegas, pole-dancing and twerking lessons of their night school sessions. Check their tour dates here:

10. Chippendales in Vegas

Claiming as the best male revue in Las Vegas, Chippendales dance routine goes from alluring to thrilling stunts performed by their hot men. They bring the house down with their funky personalities. A live show for 75 minutes full of meaty goodness, energy, and awesomeness is a perfect splurge for the night. Get your tickets here at

Once in a while, treat yourself for a delightful night. We’re in the21st century and strip clubs are the go-to places of women who needed to relax and be entertained without judgment. Offering the best male revue show in major countries is the gift for every woman wanting for more hotness and memorable experience. Because you lady deserved it.

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