Top 5 Male Strip Clubs Around The World

Five straight days of working is exhausting on most people and at the end of the week, what every office person wants to do is just unwind and de-stress. Especially on a Friday night, everyone deserves a break from work and do something fun to relieve the stress. What are ideal the activities to indulge in? There are numerous options to choose from, you can eat out, have a drink and for the ladies there is an additional and very interesting option: visit a male strip club! Rest your eyes from paper work and instead let them get busy on some hunks.

For the adventurous women around the world, there is just simply an endless list of options of Melbourne male strip clubs you can visit every Friday night (or any night of the week for that matter) and relax your way to the weekend. Check out the top 5 Male Strip Shows below and visit their websites asap!

1. Male Strippers in Melbourne

Yes, number one of course! Not biased much hey? With Male strippers from Melbourne, you can have accessible entertainment that can spice up your night is just a few clicks away. They offer carefully selected men who are good-looking and have bodies that are chiselled to perfection. Their fine specimens will heat up your night and all your lady guests’ with their great energy and attitude.


2. The Door Guy claims to have work with most of the UK’s major Nightclubs and Bars that caters to almost all types of customers no matter how large the groups are. They promise to make sure your night goes well. They are also unique in a sense that they have developed unique relationships within the industry thus if you require VIP entry into a Nightclub or a bar, contact them and you will find booking hassle free.

The Hollywood Men Hollywood Men of Los Angeles California boasts that customers can get a tastefully provocative, high-energy, and choreographed show featuring only the best exotic entertainers Their hunks can dance and strip to a room full of excited women of all ages and make their night unforgettable with their show that induces unexplained drives for the ladies.

4. Hen Night Barcelona Night Barcelona is famous for being Barcelona’s preferred entertainment establishment, starring the finest strippers in Barcelona. Their male strippers are trained to entertain for all types of parties in Barcelona. May it be, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, parties in hotels, sorority parties or simply for a girl’s night out women will surely be satisfied. They brag about their strip shows because they definitely have the right to. It ranges from mild to wild, depending on how hot you want the show to get!

5. Peppermints Whether you are celebrating a birthday, hens party or just want to have a good time, it is a good enough reason to make a reservation at Niagara’s only male strip club, the Peppermints Niagara. Even with their tag line alone, “At Peppermint, the law is to show it all”, it already gets the women’s blood racing.

So girls and gays leave your workplace on time and plan your weekends ahead because you are going to experience one hell of a sexy night. Just make sure you are completely prepared for it because this is not for the faint of heart. Not that it is not going to satisfy you; on the contrary, you may be coming back for more!