Your Ideal Male Strip Club

Respectful male strippers

Nothing turns women on like chivalry and good ol’ manners. The ideal male strip club has male strippers who respect customers and themselves. They ask for what you want, give you space and still manage to give you a good time. They are always game for a photo-op, some dancing, and some pure old fun. You won’t expect them to shove your perfectly manicured hand down their slightly sweaty and sticky underwear to feel the Amazon forest and what feels like an alcohol-intoxicated and drugged weenie and then charge you $10 for that. (Is that even legal?)

Timely, unbiased and topless waiters

Seeing all those Adonises tease their way to those dance moves and grind where it leaves few to the imagination always makes the ladies thirsty. So, a drink? Who better to serve than sexy topless waiters, because there is nothing sexier for the everyday feminist than a gorgeous man with a hot bod who serves you the best drinks and won’t look all judgmental on you when you take that extra piece of scallops? We love waiters who bring your drinks and pica-pica on time, and will give you the equal amount of attention so you won’t have to worry why he’s spending an hour talking to that girl with the cliché 21st birthday hat while your throat is getting dry and in need of another margarita.

Friendly staff

“I don’t think I ordered this…” “You double-charge me for this…” are lines we hear or may have said ourselves when we get the bill in a strip club (or any club for that matter). Usual replies would be “But it was charged on your table” “It might have been from one of your friends” or “You still had a good time, right?” No, ideal strip clubs have friendly staff and a friendly manager who would still cater to your complaint even after you smell and talk 5 shots past tipsy and one shot away from passing out. They will not rip you off and would actually want you to come back the next night.

Comfortable seats

Looking at those men give heart-racing performances will make you want to sit tight and sit comfortably. The ideal strip club has seats with great cushion and will give you your own personal spaces, where you can still party with your girlfriends and have enough space to lie and rest briefly after you’d have too many shots.. and not get stiff-necked or a bad back in the morning.

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