Are You a Good or Bad Hen?

A hens night is more simply known as a bachelorette party. A party that is being held for a woman who is about to get married. This kind of party was modeled through the bachelor party, which is made for grooms, on the other hand.

Despite the known fact on why Hens parties are conducted saying goodbye to single-hood. a Hens party is conducted to give honor to the bride-to-be and celebrate her upcoming wedding.

Having your friends organize and throw a bachelorette party for you gives you this appreciated-factor that you are a princess. An as a bride-to-be you want to give your friends the best night that, and let them be who and what they want to be while of course setting the proper boundaries to make sure that you are going to have the best night of your life as a single lady.

There are the things that a bride should do and there are things that she must never do. There is a fine line between a good hen and a bad hen when it comes to hens night behaviour.

People, including bride-to-bes or hens, are afraid of being labeled with not so nice words, and the fault-finding eyes of people that surround have their labels ready to the woman in every way that they can, including the hen’s behaviour during her hens night party. So how do you behave as a bride-to-be? How do you become a good hen and how do you become a bad hen?

Hens Partying all Night

Nothing wrong with partying all night, but bad Hens overdo it. Drinking way too much alcohol they want and end embarrassing themselves waking up in the morning full of regrets! Good Hens still drink surely and get drunk but still know their limits to make sure they still look decent and have an amazing time.

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Spending for the Bachelorette Party

A bad hen spends a lot of big money to have her party become a very successful and a very fun one. Worst, she asks money from her fiance to pay for her lavish and luxurious party. The hens party is to be organised by the maid of honor and the bridesmaids, not the fiance!

A good Hen understands the value of money and becomes practical when it comes to throwing a bachelorette or a Hens night party. As much as possible, she wants the party to be simple affordable and practical and knows what hens party agencies to contact such as our one.

Hens going crazy on social media

Bad Hens takes a photo of everything and post them on social media. Everything means crazy drinking pics, vomiting and raunchy photos with random guys that they meet on their night out.

Good hens, on the other hand, takes photos as well, but keeps in mind that when she posts something viral so she is selective and careful on what she uploads.

These 3 things are just some of the many things that draw a fine line between being a bad hen and being a good hen.

There are many ideas to throw a hens party and a lot of things to make a hens party a successful one. Thus, you don’t need to be throwing up everywhere to enjoy a party. Try hiring a party or an even organizer to make the flow of the party smoother and keep things in order.

Cut the long story short, a good hen will make sure the bridesmaids end up hiring us for her special night! Now think of this, are you going to be a good hen or a bad hen?

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