Given the responsibility of planning an hens night for your bestie but have no idea where to start? In search of some great hens party ideas? At male strip clubs in Melbourne we have the some great packages for you to plan a memorable night that will have the girls talking for weeks to come. From all different budgets and prices- we are the only male strip club in Melbourne and are the specialists in hens night packages.

With over 20 years in the party industry, our expert party planners can swindle get together a full night of entertainment tailored to suit any budget. Our hens night packages are available at various venues and nightclubs in Melbourne, so make sure you take a quick moment to fill out a contact form to see what we can do for you. Just remember, she only gets to have one send off before her special date so it’s your responsibility to ensure that the send off is the party of all parties.


  • $95 Per Person
  • Min. 5 guests
  • 3.5 hr Unlimitted beverage (6pm-9:30pm)
  • Basic spirits, champagne, beer, soft drinks and house wines
  • Delicious hot finger food 
  • Reserved seating (SILVER) for award winning Magic Men
  • Hen gets up on stage
  • Mingle with topless waiters
  • After the show (10pm) your invited to dance on as the show turns into a nightclub and the party continues on till the late hours of the night
  • Complimentary Hens Night Invites

A hens party in Melbourne’s posh male strip club will make all the difference. Try the Hens Night Special and flowing drinks and a variety of hot finger foods – all served by our friendly topless waiters.

Enjoy the three-and-a-half hours of stay with your Silver Grade reservation for an exciting live show with the Magic Men. Relish at the sight of superbly handsome guys performing their signature moves and grooves guaranteed to make you scream for more. And if you still crave more fun after the show, our after-party rave will take care of that. Your hens party will be a blast, for sure!

  • Starting from $95 Per Person
  • Min. 20 guests
  • One hour party bus transfer
  • FREE Drink card inside the nightclub
  • Silver TICKETS to see MAGIC MEN (Valued at $45pp)
  • Complimentary finger food
  • Mingle with topless waiters
  • Hen gets up on stage
  • Bus features full music entertainment system and smoke machine
  • Optional strip show on the bus!

For a larger group of guests for the hens night, the Party Bus and Show is a great choice for you. Enjoying and having fun is what makes your get-together worthwhile and memorable. 

Let the party bus pick you up from your place of residence and take a leisurely trip around Melbourne for an hour, and enjoy its fully equipped music entertainment system. The bus will then take you to the impressive strip club for the strip show that guarantees an enthralling night ahead. Upon arrival, enjoy your complimentary glass of champagne. Go all-out for the Magic Men show, and let your hair down at the after-party.

  • $45 Per Person
  • Min. 5 guests
  • 6:00pm arrival and check in
  • Topless waiter serving you drinks and participating in games
  • Complimentary glass of champagne, wine or soft drinks/juice each
  • Hot Finger food provided
  • Reserved General seating (SILVER) ticket to see MAGIC MEN 
  • Hen gets up on stage
  • After party- free entry into the after party
  • Complimentary Hens Night Invites

Your memorable hens night party begins at the Magic Men Feel the Magic Show. Held at the Love Machine in Prahran, for three-and-a-half hours, this hens party package features the intense performance of our gorgeous hot hunks. They will treat your bride-to-be to a show where she gets to be the guest of honor on stage with these guys.

Of course, our charming topless waiters will serve you sparkling drinks and hot finger foods before the exciting stage show. You will then be escorted to your reserved seats for a better view of the show. Witness awesome performances that your group can ever imagine, and revel in the after-party show that follows.

  • $75 Per Person
  • Min. 10 guests
  • Arrive at the dinner venue
  • Shared entre platter
  • One main meal per guest
  • Silver Seating to watch the award-winning Magic Men show
  • Glass of champagne on arrival
  • Hen gets brought up on stage (optional)
  • Free entry to the after party

What’s a party without food? Treat your hens party guests with a delicious meal before heading to a strip show that is sure to make you hunger for more… excitement, that is. Make a special night with our Dinner and Show Package.

Help yourself with the main meal specially prepared for your hens party. Take your pick at two venues around Melbourne to enjoy your dinner. Right after your dinner, proceed to the venue of the show you have all been waiting for, the famous Magic Men show. Your bride-to-be gets her share of the limelight if she agrees to come on stage for the special attention of these gloriously handsome and talented men. And if you are still up for more after the show, come and be wild at our after-party show.

  • $95 Per Person
  • Min. 10 guests
  • Pick up from approx. 5:30 PM in a luxury limo
  • Enjoy a 1 Hour LIMO CRUISE
  • 2 x Bottles of Sparkling onboard to enjoy
  • Reserved Silver Seating to watch the Magic Men show
  • A drink on arrival
  • Complimentary finger food
  • Hen gets brought up on stage (optional)
  • After party entry to the Rnb club (venue turns into a nightclub after the show)

Experience cruising around Melbourne in a luxury limousine – it will be an exciting trip with the bride-to-be and her guests. With this one-hour tour, enjoy full music entertainment while you get to enjoy your glass of wine while on a cruise.  You will then be brought to the finest strip club in the city where you are about to witness the Magic Men spectacular performances.

Your bride-to-be will have the chance to be the most special girl of the night with no less than these good-looking hunks giving their all-out attention to her. Let loose and cheer for the bride on her best night ever!

Every bride deserves to have an unforgettable party as she is being sent off into married life. As a close friend or relative, you want to make sure that she experiences the hens party she truly deserves. For that reason, you’ll find ways on how to make her event something that she will treasure for a long time.


We pride ourselves on having over 20 years of experience in party planning. We can whip up a well-planned event that is within your budget. Trust us to make memorable events that you will cherish for a long time. 

The finest hens party is right here in Magic Men Melbourne! Check out the party packages we offer and know why we give only the best for you.


A hens party is a surprise celebration for the bride-to-be, although some things cannot be held a secret to her. Her mind might be full of wonder and anticipation as to what will happen on her hens night. Your preparations matter a lot, so you better make good plans to exceed her expectations.

What are some things to expect at a hens party, then? These are some of the things that are usually present at this kind of event, let’s have a rundown:

1.  Since it is a hens party, it is expected that all hens are exceedingly attractive and dressed to the nines. Here you see the best efforts to look and feel their best, and nothing can stop them from doing that!

2.  Old and new friends come together to celebrate in honour of the bride. This occasion allows you to get acquainted with the bride-to-be’s friends and relatives, and to catch up with your old pals that you haven’t seen in a long while.

3.  Bridal accessories will be all over the place as the bride-to-be gets to wear them throughout the night. Tiara, sashes, veils, and other blings are fun additions to create the wedding atmosphere.

4.  The bride-to-be will be covered up in white – bathroom tissues and all! As part of the game for a hens night, it’s quite common to see her dressed up like that.

5.  Questions about the groom are unavoidable. For the whole night, your bride-to-be gets to answer anything about his groom. She should make sure that her answers are accurate, though.

6.  The bride will be caught unaware of lots of surprises. Expect the bride’s close friends and relatives to give her the attention she deserves and make her feel amazed by their gestures and gifts.

7.  Drinking is a normal part of a hens night. But remember to be a good girl and drink booze in moderation only.

8.  Expect to dance even if you don’t know how to dance. Be one with the group and get your body moving in time to the music. Show your killer moves and loosen up a bit.

9.  Lots of photo-taking sessions are a common sight in a hens party. One cannot let the beautiful memories pass by without preserving them in photos.

10.  Tears of joy are sure to fall especially when the guests are given the chance to impart some messages to the bride. Speeches of this kind are emotional but they are expected to happen.

11.  Delicious dishes make up a nice hens party. It is time to fill those plates with delectable food and eat to your heart’s content.

12.  The bride’s thoughts on her upcoming marriage are shared with the group. Her excitement and expectations, coupled with fear and anxiety are but normal. Be a good listener and a great adviser, too.


We have a wide array of hens night packages to make every bride-to-be feel special and loved. Each package is carefully thought of and planned to make things easier for all. For sure there will be one that will fit your needs. Should you have any other concerns, you are most welcome to give us a call.

Check out the following Hens Night Packages:

  • Hens Night Special

  • Magic Men “Feel The Magic” Show

  • Dinner and Show

  • Hens Day Package

  • Limo and Show

  • Party Bus Show


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