• Topless waiters will get the party started
  • Premium waiter service for food/drinks.
  • Photos, game hosting and setting up
  • all-night entertainment



  • Topless waiters will get the party started
  • Premium waiter service for food/drinks.
  • Photos, game hosting and setting up
  • all-night entertainment



  • DOUBLE THE FUN- 2 Topless waiters
  • Premium waiter service for food/drinks.
  • Photos, game hosting and setting up
  • all-night entertainment



  • DOUBLE THE FUN- 2 Topless waiters
  • Premium waiter service for food/drinks.
  • Photos, game hosting and setting up
  • all-night entertainment




Topless waiter


Topless waiter

Topless waiter
Topless waiter

Topless waiter

Topless waiter

Topless waiter

Topless waiter


Our shirtless barmen are not your average Joe. Their breathtaking moves and killer good looks shall leave you spell bound on the bar counter. Sip on new and exciting cocktails that you’ve never tasted before or stick to your regular but gaze at those rock hard abs all you want.
Butlers galore
Allow us to break your image of a typical household butler in a tuxedo. Replace it with steaming hot topless butlers who shall be at your service all night long. Whether you need a helping hand with your food to be served or you need to have something ordered urgently, our butlers are trained to take care of it all. These cute young lads come with ripped bodies and the humor that shall make you laugh your way through the party. Don’t believe us? Check their profiles for yourself.
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What can these Perth topless waiters do for you?

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Leaving just enough to the imagination. Expect lots of screaming, laughs and high-quality live entertainment.


Have you thought about having your very own topless waiter serving you whilst watching a show?


Prepare to be flirted with, pampered and spoilt by the most gorgeous topless waiters, as they attend to your every need.

If you are on the lookout for the best looking waiters then stop right here!

We supply the most exotic male topless waiters. If you are from Perth and are planning on your next event then you shall need the eye candy that shall keep your guests entertained. Our waiters are not the regular boys next door. They are what female fantasies are made of.

Our shirtless waiters keep the good times rolling and the drinks flowing. Each of our men has a unique style and look. Their masculine beauty goes skin deep since they also have the charisma and charm that separate the men from the boys. If you want to book one of our waiters then you can check their individual profiles online to see for yourself, just how gorgeous our men really are.

We also offer

Waiters are definitely on our menu but we go beyond that. We know that no party is complete without the right kind of cocktails. So, we also supply the hottest topless bartenders that Perth has to offer.


Perth’s Topless Waiters Are Ready To Celebrate With You


Perth is a place where good times are always memorable. On this side of the world, people love to have a good time with family and friends. With or without any occasion, celebrations are a welcome sight. 


Gearing up for a party is, more often than not, nerve-wracking and mind-bending, especially if you do it alone. That is why you do not have to be a one-man army when it comes to planning a hens party, or any other event for that matter. Sure, you are on top of many things like the guest list, the date, and the venue of the party, but when it comes to getting helping hands you need to have the best and most reliable ones.


Our topless waiters in Perth are always ready to carry out the tasks assigned to them. From serving cocktails and giving delectable food to guests, these are but part of the many chores these men can do. But having them serve gives an additional spark to your event. They look visually stunning with their half-naked appearance coupled with their infectious smiles which say they are more than happy to serve you.



Who Are Perth’s Topless Waiters?


These gorgeous men, the finest topless waiters in the whole of Perth, are your finely-built and sexy hunks whose expertise is to entertain while giving service. Every party is sure to be a success with the assistance of these skillful men. 


If you have experienced hiring them before, Perth’s topless waiters are an indispensable addition to your celebrations. You will feel that their presence and skills are a must, especially if your lady friends are expecting the same excitement and thrill they have experienced the first time they laid their eyes (and hands!) on these hot men. These guys are the cream of the crop, the best we have to offer. Book these men now!



Why Do You Need Topless Waiters  For Your Events? 


A celebration should have a unique touch to make it a memorable one. Having said so, hiring topless waiters would boost the level of your guests’ enjoyment at your celebrations. Here are some other reasons why you need topless waiters for your private party:  


Topless waiters are out of the ordinary.


As the host, you want your party to have something different from the others. While your guests may have attended countless celebrations, not all have seen an attractive half-naked man roaming around the party place. This experience will certainly be an unforgettable scene for your guests, and will always be remembered.


Topless waiters provide entertainment.


Not the sing and dance type persons, but these guys will just have to show off their attractive physique and your guests would be entertained just by holding your guests’ attention. Their mere presence is enough to make these ladies be occupied for the rest of the night – staring at these men’s perfectly formed bodies. It will not be unusual for these girls to make requests or ask for favours from these men just to get close to them!


Topless waiters are exclusively for you.


When you book them for your party, rest assured that they are yours. Your lady friends will be very happy you got these men to serve you at your event. Everyone will be happy seeing these handsome guys with finely defined looks and incredibly athletic muscles to complete their top-notch appearance. These, when combined with their exceptional charm and confidence, are a perfect package. 


Your experience in hiring a topless waiter, whatever reason you may have, is sure to be remembered for a long time – nothing can compare to the delight you will encounter just by being with these delectable men. For your hens night, birthday parties, or girls night out, you simply have to book these guys, and rest assured of a fuss-free, exciting night ahead of you.



What Are The Qualities of Superb Topless Waiters?


Being a topless waiter is no joke and certainly not an easy job like most of you imagine it to be. Like other jobs, a good server needs to have the following qualities: 


Our topless waiters are professional workers.


They live up to your standards, and you get nothing but the best. They work skilfully and are guided with work ethics. From the time they are booked to the time they say goodbye at the end of your party, they work professionally. Whatever you expect them to do, consider them accomplished. 


Our topless waiters are hardworking.


They work for a living, and they are good at what they are doing. For your private party, they are on their toes for whatever tasks you will let them do, aside from the usual ones – mixing and pouring drinks for the guests, serving food, and welcoming guests. You need not worry about them slacking off, because they know that working hard will give them the pay they deserve. 


Our topless waiters are charming.


With their fantastic appearances and pleasant attitude, they are like a magnet – you get attracted to them easily. It is not unusual for ladies to swoon over these guys. They have that attractive smile that makes each girl’s heart skip a beat. Being in a conversation with these hunks will make them more loveable and enticing. 


Our topless waiters are skillful.


This is the best our servers can give, and we are not talking about an ordinary one. They have what it takes to provide you with service par excellence. With their talent and skills, your party is a sure hit among your guests. Leave your cares to these dashing waiters


Do you think our men are limited to serving food and drinks? They have more skills to show! Let them be involved in hosting games and see your party attendees participate with delight! Be entertained by these hot guys and your evening will be all worthwhile. 


Another impressive skill of our waiters is their cocktail-mixing prowess. See them as experienced bartenders who love to show off their skills in making your favourite drinks. See their amazing moves as they stir your fizz. 


Our topless waiters understand your preferences.


Each guest has different wants and needs. While our waiters mingle with different types of people each with different requests, they make it a point to satisfy your wants. Your taste is not the same as your friend’s, and our servers know that. He will give you food or drink that is to your liking. Here is a hot tip to make sure that all will be satisfied: inform our topless waiters beforehand of your guests’ choices, if any. 


Our topless waiters are adaptable.


They can easily adjust according to your needs. Party plans are not always fixed. There are lots of times when things do not go as planned. Last-minute adjustments are unavoidable, that is why our topless waiters are adaptable to any change. 


Our topless waiters love fun and excitement.


Just like any guest, having fun is the idea of having a party. Since you have booked these charming servers, they will make sure that your guests will be having a good time by putting them at ease with friendly chats and party games that prep up the night.



Get Ready For your Topless Waiter


After choosing your guy, you can’t wait for the day of the party. While you are busy with the final preparations, your topless waiter is also readying himself for his stint. You need not be worried because he will make sure that you will get what you truly deserve – only the best. Here are some tips for getting ready for your topless waiter:


Getting in touch is a must.


A day before the event, expect our man to get in touch with you. Here you can talk about what you expect to happen, the final preparations needed any special tasks he needs to do, and other things related to the party. Knowing each other’s expectations of the event can help you make your party a success. 


Give him time to prepare.


He already looks dashing, but he needs to make himself more presentable that’s why allot some time for him to freshen up as soon as he arrives at the party venue. He is going to be a scene-stealer as soon he presents himself to your guests.


Be clear on what his tasks are.


Assign him to help decorate the venue, greet your guests, host and play party games, prepare and serve cocktail mixes, tidy up the place after the party, and do other chores. Your reliable waiter is always ready to serve with a smile.


Don’t forget to inform him of the party theme, if any.


It would be nice to see him in a get-up that is in sync with the theme, or you can just have him wear his usual topless get-up, anyway, he is just as attractive as he is. 


Your helpful guy is sure to do his best in his tasks.


You will be surprised at how diligent he works and how efficient he is. If you feel that he deserves a token of appreciation, do not restrain yourself. Giving him tips will be greatly appreciated. Of course, it is not expected, but it is not bad to give, either.

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